Our Services

Our Services
Our services:
  • Organising and coordinating worldwide repatriations meeting national and international requirements in the event of bereavement. HORIZONT International has an extensive network of branches and partners in Germany and works with cooperating companies in all major tourist destinations.
  • Advice on anticipated costs, local statutory requirements at the place of death and negotiation with the local undertaker. That means we will find the most reasonably priced and quickest option for transfer. This enables us to offer the best possible deal and settle with you or your insurer after repatriation is completed.
  • Constant contact with the undertaker at the place of death and regular feedback for you about the progress of the transportation.
  • Pick-up of the deceased person at the airport in the native country and transport to the home town upon request. We have reliable and experienced partners at every airport who can arrange for timely transportation of the deceased to your funeral parlour.
  • Support through translation on the phone in German, Spanish or French, if you need help with foreign undertakers or authorities. If necessary, we can also call on the services of Turkish, Arabic and Russian speaking colleagues for you.
  • Advice for your funeral parlour at the home town regarding foreign documents, death certificates from abroad and certification of original documents.